Saint Jude Catholic School Alumni Association

Saint Jude Catholic School Alumni Association

A Lovely Night

by Shaun Si (Batch 2009)


A speeding bus hit me. Funny how I didn’t feel any pain, and my flowers were still intact. I continued walking on the dark streets, with only the faint glow of a solitary streetlamp illuminating the way to my girlfriend’s house. It was dark, yet a sudden lightness surged through my entire body. I was all alone, yet the fragrance of those flowers I held brought about a tingling sensation, the sweetness of love! That day was the birthday of my girlfriend, and in a while I would be surprising her.

The darkness of the still night engulfed me, and I was transported to the world of memory. My mind suddenly flashed back to my moments with her. It was our painting class. We were busy mixing colors on the canvass when she accidentally spilled ink on my trousers. Deep down, I didn’t mind it because I secretly had a crush on her already. But I teased her, “You clumsy little girl! Clean that for me!”  “Sorry… I am so sorry,” she pleaded. I drowned her voice as I playfully shouted “Clean. It. Up!” As I tickled her, she mustered a defiant reaction. Then my arms flailed in the wrong direction and I accidentally tipped my ink over, and spilled it on her skirt as well. After that we both laughed at our clumsiness. The melody of her laughter and the sweet image of her smile left my heart thirsty, a thirst that could only be quenched by getting closer to her. Getting carried away by this burning emotion, I bent towards her. She was moving away, but the intensity of her coffee brown eyes betrayed her true emotions. So I lunged closer, and kissed her. It only lasted for a few seconds, but that moment bound our hearts forever. Since that special moment, we spent everyday together, trading sweet nothings and intimate secrets with each other. However, love is not all sweet happiness; it also has its share of sorrow and pain. There was a day when I couldn’t be with her since I spent the whole day doing a science project with another girl. When she saw us, she thought that I was cheating on her. I tried to explain that she was my only love, but she just wouldn’t listen. We haven’t spoken to one another for two months now…

The sudden brightness of the surroundings jolted me back to reality…I was nearing her house now, and I could not wait to see her. I saw her mansion in the horizon, and only two windows were lighted. As I approached her house, it was silent as a deep well. “I thought it was her birthday today?” I said to myself,  “Why don’t I hear any celebration or any birthday songs?”

I started to get curious, and their door was open. “Hello! Hellooo!” “Is anybody home?” I called. “Anybody?” But it seemed that the darkness was the only one there to greet me. I tried to listen for any sound, “Why do I hear sobs?”  I heard sobs from upstairs, and it sounded like her voice. “Why is the birthday girl crying?” I climbed upstairs and went to her room. “Hi! Happy Birthday! I brought flowers for you!”  She did not reply.

I moved closer, and saw her wearing a pretty red blouse. Her hair was braided, and a birthday cake sat on her study table. She lay curled on her bed while she wept onto her hand. I repeated what I said, hoping that she would now reply, “Hey birthday girl! I brought surprise flowers for you. I love you!”  She whispered almost indistinctly “I… much,” and began to cry again. I suddenly felt relieved, she heard me! “Sorry…sorry, I should have forgiven you. How stupid of me…” then her voice faded, and again, she sobbed. I moved even  closer to her again and said, “No, don’t cry my love. Everything’s ok now.” She did not even move. I reached out for her hand.

My hand just passed through.

Fear struck me like a thunderbolt. I saw that she was holding the graduation picture that I had given her. I tried patting her back but again, my hand just passed through her like air on air.

I could not believe it at first, and then a sudden sadness coursed through my entire being. A realization struck me. Could it really be? I ran as fast as I could, back to the scene of the car crash. Finally, I pushed my way through the thick crowd surrounding the bus.

And I was face to face with my own corpse.

I released the flowers. These flowers for my love, they had become flowers for my death. Thus ended the lovely night… the tragic love story of a ghost.

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