Saint Jude Catholic School Alumni Association

Saint Jude Catholic School Alumni Association

Love Or Admiration?

By Samantha Sy (Batch 2012)


I’ve felt like this before,

But now it’s something more,

When you look into my eyes,

Inside, I feel so nice;

Is it because you’re smart?

Or tall, or really kind?

Appearing in my mind,

Captivating my heart;

With a really sweet smile,

I see you in the aisle,

Among seas of people,

My happiness double;

You seem oh so perfect,

No fa├žade to protect,

Understanding and sweet,

Talented and neat;

Yet you remain humble,

Your dreams are reachable,

I’ve huge aspirations,

You give inspirations;

My dreams are very high,

Yet yours are much higher,

All of my words are true,

I will stay beside you.

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President's Corner

Engaging the alumni is a broader spectrum when we realize we are a group defined by the founders, the school, its staff, students, parents and the surrounding community.