Saint Jude Catholic School Alumni Association

Saint Jude Catholic School Alumni Association

Batch ’88 Turns St Jude into a Party City with its Mardi Gras Homecoming Reunion



Everyone who graced the event was ready for a Mardi Gras party and that’s what they got from the host batch the night of Nov 30, 2013 at the St Jude grounds.

It wasn’t just the exceptionally festive noise from the drums that the Judenites enjoyed but also the warm welcome, the food, the flowers, the masks and the program, with a portion of the audience even wearing the mardi gras masks and banging drums for the occasion.

Batch ’88 came out and loud in a sea of purple shirts to welcome everyone to its Silver Jubilee celebration. 

The homecoming catchphrase To Infinity and Beyond set up the entire program that started with an uplifting and moving prayer for the victims of the Yolanda disaster before Batch ’88 unraveled a host of home-grown talents who let their hair down with powerful production numbers and tributes to the Judenite administrators, teachers and staff. There wasn’t any popular star to headline the event but the audience still got the entertainment they deserved because the 88ers put everything into their performances and got the crowd clapping, laughing and dancing with them. 

Diana Cuan Dy-Lim, Batch ’88 and host of the evening jigged on stage with her own little Mardi Gras opening, followed by a group of ’88 ladies and gentlemen donning colorful costumes and masks to usher in the Mardi Gras flavor. 88ers danced with a body of lights around them that saw their shadows spinning, swaying and swerving with the LED lights. It was literally and figuratively an electrifying dance number with the messages “We Love You” and “SJCS Batch ’88” coming out from the light sticks to the delight of the audience. Mary Grace Cordova-Chua and Jocelyn Venes, in their glitzy costumes displayed their signature dance prowess with a very energetic Jo Lo-inspired showdown. Philip Sun led a group of of young students in a tribute for the teachers, singing “Thank You Dear Teacher”, a poem by a young child which he turned into a touching song. Richard Lim, Alfonso Sy Jr and Cherry Pua- Africa paid tribute to the staff, teachers and school administrators respectively while Michael Castro pressed the Infinity LED button to symbolize the new and exciting adventures to come in the next 25 years as the Judenites scale the universe of the Infinity and Beyond. After the raffles and games, it was time for the most catchy closing number where all the ’88 dancers donned the stage and glitter fell from everywhere, matching the dancers’ colorful costumes.

It was a wonderful night of celebration. One teacher even exclaimed, “THANK YOU Batch ’88 for the amazing, wonderful, fun filled night you chose to spend with your “past, today, and future”. It was a night oozing with oozing with SINCERITY. Sincerity was all over. From the preparations to the presentations of your talents, in every greetings, smiles, hugs, kisses, handshakes , ONE GAVE, ONE GOT. We all got a plenty.”

Congratulations to the organizers of the celebration. It was indeed an uplifting journey after 25 years and a moving coming-back-home affair.



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