Saint Jude Catholic School Alumni Association

Saint Jude Catholic School Alumni Association

The Faulty Pen

Beatrice Tan (Batch 2009)


1:30 am

Adz was fast asleep after being jam-packed with a week’s worth of college thesis earlier that day. Her brother, Albert, was having a DVD marathon of a string of cliché loser-tuned-super and geek-turned-hulking-muscular-man superhero movies when he accidentally slipped through the dark hallway and threw all his popcorn all over the place. Adz was forced to wake up from her sleep and discovered that her brother had messed up the entire home theatre (which at that time was only one week old). Adz slapped her thirteen-year old brother as soon as she gained her consciousness. Albert, after realizing the hand mark embedded on his right cheek, ran straight to their parents’ room and snarled a threat as he exits the room. Adz sighed a couple of times before she realized her incoherent gestures. Then, she went back into her sleep. Albert, on the other hand, never came back. Maybe he was too afraid to walk two floors up alone so he just went straight into his bedroom and cried himself to sleep. Adz felt an ounce of guilt but preferred to rather not care anymore.


Adz’s brutally narcissistic and sardonic boyfriend Rain came knocking at her bedroom window. Adz, having been asleep for quite some time now, heard the noise nearby. She got up from the couch and realized that she has not yet took off the corporate attire she has been wearing for almost twenty-four hours now. She went straight into her room, opened the lights, and found her boyfriend standing right in front of her elongated full-body mirror, brushing his little streaks of brown hair. Adz wasn’t able to utter a single word; she immediately locked the door and gave her man a faint grin. Perhaps, with an ego so inflated and swollen the world could burst, and a mouth so frictionless, she’d rather not speak to him in the next minute or two. She was still running after her sleep. Surely, she didn’t want to see him there. She would rather shut up and get back on him when she’s already set to bombard him with insults. She didn’t exactly know why Rain had to sneak into her room right in the middle of the night.


After Adz took a hot morning bath, she changed into her comfy pyjamas and noticed that Rain had already left. He left the window open and tied a yellow ribbon in a nearby twig visible ten steps from where she was standing. The ribbon wrote: “For seven years, five months and eleven days or so, I have been faithful to you. My heart desires to marry you. May you feel the same way too. I’ve waited just enough. You’ve rejected me once and I guess once is more than just enough. Twice will be… too much.”  Adz didn’t know what to say. She’s only twenty-two, and still in hope to pursue her remaining years in law school. She knew Rain couldn’t wait any longer. It’s either she stays with him or he’d be gone for good.


Adz felt the scorching heat of the sun from where she was lying down. She wanted to give Rain a call and realized that she failed to charge her wireless phone the previous night so it went dead. Much to her disappointment, her brand-new N-series phone is also nowhere to be found. Maybe, she misplaced it when she was freakin’ tired last night. Anyhow, she should get dressed and leave home before the clock strikes 8:30.


As Adz was jotting down some notes on her planner, Sam bumped into Adz while she was buying breakfast at the cafeteria. Sam had been in awe of Rain since forever. She has tried to win Rain back but the latter refuses to get hooked on her (again) – much to Sam’s disillusionment. Adz had been looking for Rain for the past fifty-nine minutes when she allegedly saw him flirting with Sam, or Sam flirting with Rain, whichever, it’s still the same. She squeezed herself into the crowd and gave Rain a hard hit on his face.


Adz has not listened to her Theology professor since she came in class. Her wrist was shaking in tremendous pain. Trina, her friend, who was sitting beside her saw her teary-eyed. She insisted that she was okay. After hearing her say such, Trina was a bit hesitant to put her headphones back but was rather convinced after seeing Adz replenish a tough exterior. Adz wanted to doodle on her desk (perhaps to de-stress or to simply get by the end of her remaining ten minutes in class). She noticed that she lost her pen. Before she could possibly ask someone to hand her a new one, the bell has already rung.


Adz skipped lunch and she looked so worn out that her friends needed to drag her to speech class. She had been sleeping for the past hour. She came into consciousness when the professor was doing a roll call for the attendance.  While at her seat, she saw the pen she may have dropped somewhere. She had it within her reach; tested it to see if it could still work. Apparently, her intention failed to materialize. She tried to remember the words written in the ribbon which she failed to understand. “Once is enough… Twice is too much…”


Adz went home after school. She wanted to reach home as soon as possible. She barged in the LRT station to be able to make it to the first train but unfortunately, the train was just too full to accommodate another passenger. She reached home twenty minutes past six. She rushed into her room, found the ribbon tied in a bouquet of white lilies; it’s Rain’s death anniversary today. She should be going to the cemetery by now.

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